Panorama Player Instructions


This video features new technology, the panorama player, which gives you two views in one screen: the entire board and a close up section of your choice.


System Recommendations: Windows and Mac compatible. Chrome and Safari are the preferred browsers, but Firefox or Edge should work as well. (Loading may take longer with Firefox or a slow connection.) The player is not compatible with Android or iOS devices.

NOTE: If you are using a Mac, please go to your System Preferences and ensure that on the General tab you have selected Always for Show Scroll Bars.


Basic Instructions:

1.       Click to watch the video:

2.       For best viewing, select FULL SCREEN mode in your browser (method varies depending on your browser).

3.       Use the light gray scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to move to the close up section of your choice.


Detailed Instructions:

a.       The Panorama View of the entire board runs across the top of the video. A light gray highlight rectangle marks which part of the board is currently in close up below.

b.      Below it is the Close-Up View: an enlarged view of a PART of the board. You can choose whether it is the part where the instructor is teaching or any other part you wish to review.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the special technology involved, the close-up view is not high-definition, but all parts of the chalkboard should still be legible.

c.       At the bottom of the close-up view is the bar with the Standard Video Player Controls: Play, pause, jump forward or backward, show captions, etc.

Look closely at this bar. At about the 0 minute, 18 minute, and 33 minute points, you will see white markers. These mark the beginning of the three main segments in the video. You can jump to the segment you wish to watch by clicking on the appropriate marker.



         Scroll gestures with your mouse or touchpad should also control the close-up view.

         If after resizing any windows (or at any other time), a window or the highlight rectangle is not displaying or responding properly, try reloading the page.

         To play the video faster or slower than real time, each time you press the left bracket key [ or the right bracket key ] the video will slow down or speed up video playback by 5%. To return to normal speed, press the = key

         When you close the tab or your browser, or your computer sleeps or is powered down, the next time you use the panorama player it should resume the video where you left off. (This is cookie-based, so it will not transfer to other computers.)